About the Author

Hello! Thanks for stopping by the about the author page for Lulu Lively!

About Me

My name is Ludavia Harvey. I’m the creator of Lulu Lively. If you haven’t realized Lulu is one of my nicknames. I’ve been a Lulu since birth, since no one can pronounce my name right (Loo-Day-Vee-Uh). Thanks mom. But, I love it! Everyone thinks I’m foreign because of my name and my distinguishing facial features. LOL. I’m a California girl, but very southern at heart.

About Me

I love this pic of my husband staring at me with such love. I hold it dear to my heart.

I’m a mother of 1 child, soon to be 2 (picture to come after #2 arrives)! And it’s amazing. I love being a mom. It’s tough work and keeps me on my toes. After becoming a mom, I got real into health. I wanted my child to eat right and put only natural foods in his body; but, I wasn’t doing that myself. How did I expect for him to say yes to beets and kale, if I wasn’t setting the example myself.

So, I changed my diet. I started exercising at home (because this mama can’t go to a gym). And I got real into DIY home remedies. I’ve been the healthiest I have ever been in my life!

I got so invested in researching topics of health and sharing my knowledge with friends that they started calling me Dr. Harvey. So, funny. But, I thought, “Hey, if they like the info I’m sharing with them and it’s working for them, why not share it with you too?”

So, that is exactly why I started Lulu Lively.

Why Lively?

Lively is defined as full of life and energy; active and outgoing. That’s what this blog represents. It’s full of life and active things to help you get energized and enjoy life at its fullest.

I will be posting topics in health, exercise, nutrition, recipes, home remedies and more.

Will You Join Me?

Join me as I stay true to the saying, “My body. My temple.” We only get one body and we need to honor it and treat it with respect. What goes inside should fuel us and make us feel great. What we do, should be good for our body. How we heal it, when we need to, should be as natural as possible.

Please note: I am not an expert in health, exercise,  or nutrition. I am just a real invested person who researches everything. So, what I write about are my findings and what I know has worked for me.

Please always consult with your physician before trying new remedies or changing your diet. And research what I post. If I am ever inaccurate, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have a correctable spirit.

Follow Lulu Lively

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Thanks for reading! Here’s to a healthy you!


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